Classically trained in Hong Kong and veteran of the Marriott hotel chain, Chef Kwan strive to bring their vast knowledge of quality Cantonese Dim Sum to New York blooming food scenes.



New York City

Dim Sum VIP was built by chefs who wanted to bring a premium quality of dim sum to the neighborhood. 

We are a small establishment which operates with a team of family and friends who worked hard to bring this vision to life. 

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Elizabeth Gilbert

“I am a better person when I have less on my plate.”

Eat, Pray, Love

Come try our tasty version of wontons in red oil. This Sichuan standard arrives ringed in steamed greens, every bit as spicy as you might wish, though lacking in Sichuan peppercorns.

A unique rice noodle roll of smaller circumference than usual features a fried shrimp pastry something like an eggroll inside the noodle material, generating a nice crunch in the middle of a squish, while huge dumplings with a crystal wrapper spill jicama, peanuts, pork, and shrimp onto the plate. Known as fen guo, these dumplings are associated with Chaozhou, a seaside region of eastern Guandong adjacent to Fujian, whose cuisine is known for its incorporation of Southeast Asian elements.


New York City

Quality over Quantity 


For kids, there are steamed bao with a carrot puree inside and a pig face exterior. These have been seen before at other dim sum restaurants around town, but they are still surprising to look at, though too sweet for many tastes. 

Other unusual dim sum include crystal shrimp dumplings immersed in soup; pot stickers such as you might find in the Lower East Side’s northern Chinese dumplings stalls, but in a more delicate rendition; featherweight shrimp and spinach dumplings; and chicken feet in black bean sauce. Other dim sum selections are ones you’d expect, in versions that are sometimes bigger, sometimes more perfectly turned out than average.